MD808 PRO vs MD806PRO

Model Autel Maxidiag MD808 PRO(All System) Autel MaxiDiag MD802(All System) Autel MaxiDiag MD808(Four System) Autel MaxiDiag MD802 (Four System)
Throttle Match Function      
System Coverage All System All System Engine.Transmission.
Steering Angle Learning    
DPF Functions    
Battery Registration and Reset    
Read/Erase Codes
View Freeze Frame Data
View Live Data
View Vehicle Information
View 1/M Readiness Status
On-board Monitor Test
02 Monitor Test
Modules Present
Component Test
EPB Brake Pads Replacement
Oil Service Reset
Save and Playback Data
DTCs Help
Print Data via Windows-based PC
Display 800 x 480 LCD 320 x 240 dpi 800 x 480 LCD 320 x 240 dpi
Memory 32M+16G 32M+16G 32M+16G 32M+16G
Power Consumption 1.7W 1.7W 1.7W 1.7W
Weight 313 g (0.69 lb) 280 g (0.62 lb) 313 g (0.69 lb) 280 g (0.62 lb)